Important notice

Started by admin
2019-09-20 at 07:26
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Dear members,

You may have noticed that CroMedia no longer supports "http" sites.
All of our sites are https and mixing the sites causes vulnerabilities.

Also, Google Chrome will block all http sites soon. We need to adapt to the global market.

This change has the most effect on advertisers advertising Rotate4all. That link is http.

Until Rotate4all adjusts their link, we are forced to pause all Rotate4all ads.

All members who advertised Rotate4all credits will be returned to the account.

We have 6 sites and it may take 1 - 2 days.
Please understand and be patient.

Your admins
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Thanks for informing. I have a serious problem with clicking rotate ads yesterday. I work on chrome so switch to firefox but the result are the same, after clicking ads are not loading.