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Started by admin
2018-06-30 at 10:39
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Hi guys,

Just a few words about Rothabux.

Actually, more about admin.

If you look at their forum, you can see a great discussion about rented referrals. RR did not do anything. I'm renting referals ($ 0.24 per RR) and in 6 days they have 0 clicks.
Admin convinces members that RR are not bots but real people blah, blah, blah ..

That's not true. He asked for help about the bot system.
When I saw that he did not tell the truth to the members, I said I would put a proof on the forum and of course my account was suspended.

Look at this please:

This is not a problem for me, but please be careful.

A few more things.

I am admin for 5 years. All the other admins have my deepest respect.
I think the admins must have mutual respect. If one admin does not respect the other, it is hard to believe that it will respect members.

RothaBux admin violates the TOS on other sites.

His username on all PTC sites is Rothadecia.
If you look at his contests, you will see that Rothadecia regularly receives awards.
Also, in his proof of payment you can see that Rothadecia gets money. Fake payments.
I can not call it respect for members.

To be clear, I can not say that RothaBux is a scam.
Maybe it will be a good site, I do not know.
These are just my observations and my experience on this site.
Please just think about it.

Your admin
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Thanks for the info
I've got my first payment all right, then ventured to invest 5$ for 20 RR, it looks like the monthly result would only cover half I got one game price, and was able to request my 2nd withdraw, I hope that they can pay so that I will not be a loss
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I got paid today and that's good for me. But the site really needs to rethink their RR working plan

By the way, I recently got scammed by touchbux and cannonbux
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course, you heve right
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Thank you for the information! I believe you!